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MyScribbit Adds Voicemail Transcription to Any PBX

Posted March 28, 2013

Sammy-Email1Voicemail transcription can be a huge productivity enhancement tool. Imagine being able to read a transcribed version of your voicemail when you can’t listen to it due to noise or other distractions. Vitelity now offers a new service that provides voicemail transcription for any PBX that supports voicemail to email. Transcribed messages can be sent to your email address as well as to your smartphone via SMS messaging.

How It Works

In a typical configuration a voicemail will come into your company’s phone system and be saved as a .WAV file. The WAV file and some basic caller ID information is then sent to your email with the WAV file as an attachment. This mostly works for people but has the primary disadvantage of forcing you to open the email, then open the WAV file (unsupported on many phones) and then listen to the message. This is a time consuming process and does not work well on all devices.HowItWorks

With MyScribbit.com, the email with the WAV file is sent to MyScribbit’s data center where the WAV file is transcribed by our automated system. When the transcription finishes, usually within a few seconds, an email is sent to you with the transcription as well as the original WAV file.

What Does It Cost?

MyScribbit is just $4.99 per month per voicemail account. This simple model makes it easy to know exactly how much you are going to spend every month. This base package will deliver your transcriptions and the original voicemail file to the email address and SMS phone number you specify.

For a limited time, new users will get 90 days of free service when signing up for MyScribbit at http://myscribbit.com.