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Vitelity 101 Webinar – Vitelity Hosted PBX Options August 14th

Posted July 25, 2013

VitelityLogo_PMS_540“The Cloud” has been a warm buzzword for the past several years, one we may hold near and dear to hearts.  With the cost savings, predictability, security and feature sets, the cloud has saved many of our businesses from disaster. If we give so much attention to our web based computer solutions, why not our phone system?

We talk to a number of customers who start out wanting to host their PBX themselves, without considering the “cloud-like” alternatives that would save them a lot of time, and money.  

In this month’s webinar, Vitelity will be discussing PBX hosting and Colocation and how you can determine which option is best for you.

Topics will include:

  • Hosting/colocation versus “on premise”
  • Additional benefits of PBX hosting/colocation with the SIP trunk provider
  • PBX server vitualization
  • Vitelity’s hosting/colocation service breakdown

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Our free webinar PBX Hosting Options is scheduled for  Wednesday August 6th at 10am PST (1pm EST).

About Vitelity 101

Vitelity 101 is our series of webinars to take you through different products, show you how to set them up, apply them to your business and make the most of VoIP services.  So far, our highly anticipated and attended webinars have been our SMS Enabled DID, vFax/Fax Enable, and Using the Vitelity API webinars.  Those can be accessed on our blog.

Also, as mentioned in a previous webinar, the $24.95 Fax Enable subscription is now available. Click here to order now.

We look forward to introducing you to yet another Vitelity service feature, and answering all your questions.