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Supercharge your traditional FAX machine
with modern features

Although FAX technology has not undergone many changes in almost half a century, it is a critical component of many businesses. If you prefer using your existing FAX machine and still want to add modern features, such as sending a FAX directly from your desktop or automatic FAX archiving, we have what you need. FAX Enable from Vitelity offers a unique solution that provides you with a number of advanced elements, at a price that is typically less than you are paying for your FAX phone-line today. FAX Enable allows you to deactivate your FAX phone line when using your existing FAX machine, while adding the following features:

  • Plug-n-Play
  • Secure HTTPS fax transport
  • High reliability
  • Easily manage your fax ATA’s in the Vitelity portal
  • Choose from several rate plans, including 1 and 2 port with unlimited usage

Stop wasting money on phone lines that are dedicated to a FAX machine and move up to the most robust FAX solution available today with FAX Enable.