Vitelity announces vMobile, which fully integrates the vMobile smart phone into PBX systems, using innovative technology completely native to the smart phone

Revolutionary system extends PBX functionality beyond the office, anywhere vMobile smart phone can go, with no reliance on downloaded apps

ENGLEWOOD, CO – May 15, 2014 – Leading Voice over IP (VoIP) technology provider Vitelity today announced the availability of vMobile, a new service providing full integration between the vMobile smart phone and any SIP-enabled PBX telephone system. Users are able to use their complete PBX feature set, regardless of whether they are in the office or not. vMobile is the first product or service that brings this full integration to market without relying on data, WiFi, call forwarding or downloaded apps. All integration and functionality are native to the vMobile smart phone.

With vMobile, customers can use both their office phones and their vMobile smart phones to transfer, park and pickup calls; set up secured internal conferencing; participate in call queues; record and monitor calls for quality assurance; analyze call reporting; and dial interoffice using four-digit extensions.

An additional feature of vMobile is its ability to switch between WiFi and cellular, optimizing access for users. Using this technology, customers can cut mobile phone spending by as much as 75% based on a typical carrier plan of $90 per month.

vMobile gives resellers and channel partners an opportunity to capitalize on the growing smart phone market. Customers are actively looking for smart phone solutions and by incorporating vMobile into their product portfolio, resellers are able to enter that market with the most innovative business solution available.

“vMobile is truly a game changer, increasing productivity and cutting costs,” said Scott Navratil, Executive Vice President, Vitelity. “The integration of the PBX system and the vMobile smart phone increases the efficiency of end users by allowing them to use their PBX functionality whether they are in the office, on the road, or working from home. Additionally I am very pleased to be offering our resellers such a great opportunity to benefit from the growing demand for business-focused smart phones. I believe they will see an immediate positive financial impact resulting from vMobile.”

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