eVAR Program

Connect With An Expert

What you should know about becoming a Vitelity eVAR:

Requires a low one-time $299 account setup and activation fee.

Requires a low $299 monthly spend commitment after initial 90-day ramp up.

Requires a 12 month service agreement

Vitelity’s Wholesale eVAR Program

Thanks for your interest in Vitelity’s wholesale SIP trunking solutions. Our wholesale eVAR program makes it easy and painless to take advantage of wholesale carrier rates, even if you are only at the stage of starting to build up higher volume traffic with us. As an eVAR, you will be able to take advantage of low rates without sacrificing quality or service, and without paying large upfront implementation fees.

Note: You do not have to be a VoIP reseller or provide service to end users to enjoy eVAR rates and benefits which includes (but are not limited to):

  • Free test/interop account upon qualification.
  • Three-month ramp up time to commit level, with no minimums during the three month ramp up time.
  • 20-60% off of our already low retail pricing.
  • Volume (tiered) discounts beyond our already low wholesale rates.
  • Low one-time $299 implementation fee.
  • Priority trouble ticket status – moves you to the top of the ticket queue when you need assistance.
  • Dedicated wholesale account manager.
  • Full access to our robust VoIP, vFax, E911, SMS, LNP and billing APIs.
  • Fax portal URL branding (one-time $99 setup fee).
  • Access to our full NPA-NXX and dialer termination rate decks.
  • Access to our premium wholesale A-Z rate deck.
  • Prepare end-customer (sub-account) invoices.