Vitelity API

The Ultimate in Private-Label Branding Connect With An Expert

For the ultimate in private-label branding, resellers can leverage one of the most robust API’s in the VoIP industry. With Vitelity’s API, you can build a customer experience that is custom tailored exactly the way you want it. Directly from your website or portal your customers can securely perform the following functions:

  • Billing and CDR requests
  • Local DID inventory search
  • DID ordering
  • Toll Free number search
  • Toll Free number ordering
  • E911 registration and maintenance
  • VFax number search and account setup
  • Number portability (LNP)
  • Placing calls
  • Routing and network functions
  • SMS enablement
  • CNAM lookups
  • Much. Much. More.

To view our API sample files and feature options click here: