Two problems facing a company wanting to migrate to VoIP service are number porting and directory listings. If a VoIP provider can’t port your numbers, because they don’t provide service to that rate center, you would have to change your phone numbers to switch to VoIP. Secondly, if the VoIP provider can’t offer directory listing services, it may be difficult for some customers to find your business…Vitelity has an answer to both of these problems.

Number Porting

Vitelity currently supports over 11,500 rate centers, more than any other VoIP provider in North America. This large footprint helps to ensure that customers can port their numbers seamlessly to Vitelity’s service. Vitelity currently has coverage for more than 97% of the US (including Hawaii and Alaska).

Yellow/White Page Listings

Vitelity is happy to announce that we are now offering Yellow/White Page listing service. This service is virtually unheard of in the VoIP world and now Vitelity makes it quick and easy to add to your phone numbers.

Vitelity’s Yellow/White Page listing service costs $4.00 for setup/changes and $0.40 cents per month. Our listing service supports Residential and Business listings as well as Federal, State and Local Government listings.

To add directory listing to your Vitelity DID, log into your User Portal and go to the Order page. On the order page you will find a link to the White/Yellow Page listing service.

Directory Assistance Listings

Vitelity also offers Directory Assistance (411) listing service. This service will add your information to the Directory Assistance services database for customers using 411 Assistance to find your company. This service is a one-time setup cost of $5.00. To order this service, use the Directory Listing (411) service link on the order page in your User Portal.