Vitelity is happy to announce that the first set of SMS commands for account management are now available. As we get requests for more commands we will add them as we can. To see the commands and set the phone number to allow SMS messages, log into the user portal, go to MyAccount, and then Security and scroll to the bottom of the page.

To use the new SMS commands, send a text message to (720) 257-5400 with the following commands:

Command Syntax Description
balance balance Check your current account balance
callfw callfw <10_digit_did> <10_digit_fwd_number> Set DID to forward calls
ticket ticket <description of issue> Open normal status Support Ticket
ticket emergency* ticket emergency <description of issue> Open Emergency status Support Ticket

* $25 emergency ticket fee will apply. This fee is refundable if the problem is found to be on our end.