stormIf you have been involved in a VoIP migration, you have no doubt had to face the problem of how to deal with the legacy FAX machines. The problem is that the tones used by FAX machines to communicate have difficulty when being converted to a VoIP signal and any jitter or packet loss will cause a FAX to fail completely. Vitelity has had a workaround quite a while with our vFAX service but it has never addressed users that wanted to use a traditional FAX machine….until now.

Introducing FAX Enable

FAX Enable from Vitelity offers a unique solution that provides you with a number of advanced elements, at a price that is typically less than you are paying for your FAX phone-line today. FAX Enable also allows you to receive FAXs even when your FAX machine is in use, incoming FAXs will queue up and be sent to your FAX machine when it becomes available.

FAX Enable allows you to deactivate your FAX phone- line when using your existing FAX machine, while adding the following features:

  • Plug and Play Setup
  • FAX from desktop client
  • FAX from Outlook
  • High reliability
  • Web portal to view incoming/outgoing FAX messages
  • FAX to email

For a one-time cost of $199 you will receive a special adapter that plugs into your ethernet network and into your FAX machine and it will start working instantly with your vFAX DID. Using the FAX Enable solution will save you tons of money from having to have a regular POTS line every month, is more reliable than any other solution, and is encrypted to meet the highest level of standards.

  • Save lots of money by removing the cost of the analog phone line
  • Add features not available with “just a FAX machine”
  • FAX Enable pays for itself within just a few months

To order FAX Enable, visit your user portal and go to your Ordering page.