Vitelity is launching a new service soon that will change the way you use your voicemail! MyScribbit is the first universal voicemail transcription service that can work with any phone system that sends voicemails to email with an audio file attachment. MyScribbit assigns you an email address for your voicemails to be sent, the voicemails are transcribed and the text and original audio file are sent back to your inbox. You will find that you rarely..if ever..need to listen to your voicemail again! Optionally, you can have the text of the transcribed messages sent to your phone as an SMS message.

To try out this new service, currently in betas testing, go to and sign up for an account. Beta customers will have free access to all of the MyScribbit services during the beta process and for 60 days after the final release. We are sure you are going to love using MyScribbit to read your voicemails instead of having to stop and listen to them!