Powerful VoIP Services Transform Work and Life

Vitelity wants to empower the customer to embrace VoIP as the new way of doing business. No longer must we rely on old phone systems, high prices, inconveniences in checking voicemail, prolonged emergency service reaction times, or caller ID ambiguity.


smartDIDs Make VoIP Even More Accessible

Vitelity is launching a new product called smartDIDs, which are like regular DIDs (VoIP phone numbers), but come pre-bundled with high value VoIP services.

SmartDIDs reflect a personal or corporate commitment to safety, transparency and productivity with the following services:

The best part? There is no additional charge for a SmartDID.

Unparalled Value In The VoIP World

If Switching To VoIP, SmartDIDs are a no brainer. It typically costs $5 for a DID with all these services, and Vitelity’s retail price is $1.49 per number. If you are a business with 10, 50, 100 or 1,000s of numbers, this cost difference certainly adds up. No other provider can offer a product like Smart DIDs, especially at this pricepoint.

Trust Vitelity with Your Phone Services

Vitelity has an A+ rating with the BBB, is the largest DID aggregator in North America, and is committed to furthering the industry with the latest VoIP technology research. To make the switch to VoIP and get your own smartDIDs, contact Erin Elisse for more information.