detailsVitelity has always been a leading innovator in the VoIP telephony field and was the first to market with an SMS solution that would work with our DIDs. To help make using this service even easier, a new Android application called S.MS has been posted to the Android Market (Play Store).
If you are already a Vitelity customer, you can go to the portal and SMS enable your DID. Once you have your DID SMS-enabled, you can use our user portal at

Why would you want SMS to your DID?

Probably one of the top questions we get is “why would I want SMS on my DID?” There are several good answers to that but most importantly, its the ability to communicate with your customers using the fastest growing method of communication, without having to give out your cell phone number. You already have a DID number for people to call you directly, with SMS service you can send and receive text messages from your desktop or your smartphone. Combine a softphone for your smartphone and have a complete communications system tied back into the Vitelity service or your IP PBX for phone calls and text messaging…and never giving out your personal cell phone number